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Build Your Financial House

The FFSS teaches you how to build a strong and secure Financial House.

Your Financial House

Your physical house, your home, is built to provide a secure physical environment for you and your family. You have a strong foundation, walls, a roof and a sturdy outside wall for protection. Your financial house should be just as important as your physical house. Just as your physical house has four components, so should your financial house. Throughout this Financial Framework Seminar Series™ we are going to focus on helping you create a strong, secure financial house. Let’s take a look at the financial house we will build!

The four essential components of your financial house are:

The personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint is designed to assist you and implement
these four steps. As mentioned above, your family’s finances can be thought of in a similar fashion to how your home is built; that is, if you were to take on the task of building your home,
you would need to address your four major tenets of construction:

  1. Your foundation needs to be placed on solid ground.
  2. Your structural design needs to be strong, yet flexible
  3. The protection of your roof must be complete, with no holes.
  4. And, to ensure longevity, your exterior must be stable and unyielding.

In addition, there is a logical order to building your home. Walls will not stand without a
foundation, foundations crumble with no protection, protection is wasted with no structural
design, and even the best of designs will do poorly if not fortified over time. These same basic
principles apply to building your own “financial house.”

First, you must ensure that your foundation is free from erosion and instability by properly
managing your debt. Unfortunately, it is not possible to function in today’s society without
incurring some debt; however, if left unchecked, the constant erosion of this debt will ceaselessly undermine your financial foundation. Worse yet, it will prove disastrous if you carry your debt into retirement, hastening destabilization and possibly toppling your structure altogether.

As with any other journey in life, proper planning and maintaining your order of priority is the
best way to accomplish success. This is where your personalized Equity Creator® Financial
Blueprint will come into play.

Would you allow someone to build your physical house without using a blueprint? Certainly not! Everything we use in our lives started with a Blueprint or a plan. Why shouldn’t our finances?
Your financial house should be no different. Start with a Financial Blueprint and know you will
be building a strong, secure financial house designed specifically for you and your family.

As part of Financial Framework Seminar Series™, you will receive YOUR PERSONALIZED
EQUITY CREATOR® FINANCIAL BLUEPRINT. Your Blueprint is custom to your numbers and
will be created to the specifications that you will need to build a strong and secure financial
house. So let’s talk about the Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint.