Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so hard to get out of debt?
Getting into debt is much easier than getting out of debt. It is not as simple as paying off the highest interest rate or the smallest balance. It takes thousands of calculations to determine the most efficient formula for you to get out of debt. The Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint completes this task wonderfully and even gives you the month and year you can be totally out of debt spending your current monthly payment. It is not magic--it is only math.

I have attended similar Faith based courses to teach me how to get out of debt.  Would it also benefit me to attend the Financial Framework Seminar Series™? 
There are plenty of Faith based courses being taught around the country.  Many of them provide good information and lessons.  The FFSS can be used in conjunction with any other course or it could be done as a stand-alone system.  One major advantage the FFSS has over the other courses is the personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint that comes with your customized debt pay down schedule along with vital information about the other key areas of your financial lives.  Another major advantage is that if you find yourself in a position were you are having a hard time sticking with the plan to get out of debt, the FFSS offers a bill payer service that will get you across the finish line…victorious.  

Is this the typical “Debt Diet” or “Debt Roll-Down Plan” that everyone else offers?
No, the Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint is customized to your needs, and you are not responsible to develop your own plan to eliminate your debt. The Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint puts you in a position where you do not have to rely on any theories or complicated formulas to become debt free. You follow a simple online wizard and your personal debt numbers are calculated to show you how much to send and when to send the payments. And, if you have a problem going it alone, the Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint offers two other inexpensive but effective solutions to assist you in your quest to get out of debt.

Do I have to cut my expenses or add more money to get out of debt?
No, you do not have to make it more painful than it already is. The Equity Creator® personalized financial blueprint will give you the information you need to get totally out of debt in one-third to one-half of the anticipated time, while spending no more than your current monthly payments. You could liquidate personal property if you want to, but it is not necessary if you follow your customized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint.

Will I be required or encouraged to sell my car and drive a clunker, or sell my boat, or sell my golf clubs, or sell other things in my life to become debt free using the FFSS system? 
Absolutely NOT!  If you are currently meeting your monthly debt payments, you are already spending enough to become debt free!  Life is tough enough, especially when you are in debt, without being told to get rid of the things that give you some mental relief or pleasure.  And as important as getting out of debt is, I would not want my wife or husband to sell the decent car then buy a beater and break down on the side of a road or interstate.  Would you?

I have heard some of the experts say that the most effective way to get out of debt is to pay off the highest interest rate and then others will tell you to pay off the smallest balance.  Which is correct?  Actually, neither one is the most effective way every time. 
A debt has four parts; a monthly payment, an interest rate, a duration (how long you owe on it), and a balance.  The personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint software takes all four debt factors and performs thousands of calculations until the optimum payoff order is determined.  Sometimes the results will be to pay the smallest balance first, while other times the first debt might be determined by one of the other three factors.  One major flaw in the one or two debt factor equations is that the calculations should be done each month and if you are attempting to do it by hand, it is virtually impossible. 

I have been reading books on how to get out of debt and I have found it very hard trying to figure out how to create an effective payment schedule each month to get out of debt.  Will I be required to figure this out if I use the FFSS system? 
NO!  When you attend the FFSS one of the key components with the membership kit is the personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint.  It contains a customized debt pay down schedule that shows you exactly how much to send your creditors each month to become debt free, using your same exact monthly payment amount.  No more theories or concepts that require you to figure it out on your own.

What is the Equity Creator® Personalized Financial Blueprint?
The Equity Creator® Personalized Financial Blueprint is a personalized plan of attack that will show you how to eliminate all of your debts, including any home mortgages in 1/3 to 1/2 the time - all without spending more on a monthly basis than you are currently spending. In addition, the blueprint will show you how to get on track in the areas of retirement, proper protection, and emergency funds.

Is it hard to create my customized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint?
No, it is simple. You will follow the online wizard and answer the questions. The entire process is secure. We still do not need your personal information (social security number, account number, or even your creditor’s names) to build your blueprint. If you lose your Internet connection or you do not have the information you need to complete the data input, you can go back at any time to complete the wizard. After you have finished, just hit the “submit” button, and within a short time, your personalized plan to get out of debt appears on your computer screen. The plan is also emailed to you within seconds. Instantly, you will see just how fast you can get out of debt spending no more than your current monthly payments.

Do you contact my creditors?
No, we do not. Equity Creator® is not a credit counselor or a non-profit organization. We will never contact your creditors or do anything that could compromise your credit relationships or credit rating. If you follow the Equity Creator® Personalized Financial Blueprint your credit ratings will increase dramatically.

What type of debt is needed to build the Blueprint?
Just as a reminder, a debt is any bill that you have with a principal balance, an interest rate, and a monthly payment. This includes things such as home mortgages, car payments, and credit cards. This does not include other bills such as your utilities, food & clothing, etc. The debt must have a payoff date or have the ability to be paid off.

Does the Blueprint cover more than just my debt? 
YES!  Your personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint not only covers your current debt structure and a complete debt elimination schedule, it also analyzes your mortgages, non-revolving and revolving debts. It also analyzes your Emergency Fund, Life Insurance, and Retirement needs.  The Blueprint not only analyzes these key areas of your financial lives, the Blueprint tells you how much you need as well as how long what you currently have will provide for your family. This is your road map to get out of debt and your plan to achieve financial freedom. In addition, you have FREE access to the Equity Creator® Coach that is assigned to your church. This is the complete package.

How much does it cost?
The entire customized blueprint is only a one-time payment of $69.95  if that was all that you did. This price also includes the EC Budgeting System that is emailed to when you receive your custom Equity Creator® Blueprint. These tools used together will help you accomplish your quest to be debt free and save for the future. But remember that taking the Financial Framework Seminar™ Series through a church only costs $90 and comes with the complete Home Study course and materials, including the Blueprint!

What if I have trouble staying on track with the customized debt pay down schedule that is in my Blueprint? 
The FFSS offers inexpensive options that can either assist you in following the schedule or the system can even pay your bills for you using the EC Bill Manager™.

Do you pay my bills for me?
No, we do not. The Equity Creator® Personalized Financial Blueprint does not include any bill paying services. Once you have your blueprint, you can, however, have that service made available through one of our sister companies. Information on all of the available services is detailed on the site.

What would be the advantage of the FFSS system sending my payments? 
If you find yourself not following the customized debt pay down schedule or you often drift off course, the FFSS system will make sure your monthly bills get paid on time and your quest to become debt free stay on schedule.  When a debt is paid off without using the FFSS system, it is up to you to add that payment to the next worse debt in the payoff order.  If you are using the FFSS system this is done automatically with no thought or action on your part.  You are basically guaranteed to be debt free on the date listed on your personalized Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint if you take advantage of the EC Bill Manager!

If I need assistance with building my Blueprint or any of the key areas in it, will I have to pay a fee to someone for this help? 
NO!  Depending on the size of the class, there will be at least one Equity Creator® Coach assigned to your class and if needed, the Coach will be there to assist you every step of the way. 

What is an Equity Creator® Coach (ECC)? 
The ECC is a person that has been hand picked based on their qualifications and more importantly their willingness to make the commitment to help families in their quest to become debt free regardless of compensation. Each ECC is trained and certified in every aspect of the FFSS so that they know exactly how to provide any assistance you may need. They are also properly and fully licensed in your state to provide the financial instruments you need to build, protect and fortify your Financial House.

Is there a guarantee?
No, there isn’t. Since the Equity Creator® Blueprint is personalized and is processed with your information, there isn’t a time when the information isn’t useful and worth a great deal to you the individual. In your customized Blueprint you will find your out of debt date (which in most cases in within 1/3 to 1/2 the time of your original obligation), you will know how much potential interest you can save if you follow the Blueprint, how much your Emergency Fund needs to be and if it is sufficient, how much Life Insurance is needed to protect the breadwinners and if you need additional coverage, how much you will need for retirement and how much you need to save at different interest rates to accomplish your goal, and much more.

How do I get started?
If you cannot locate a church near you, click here to learn about the Home Study Kit, and the Equity Creator® Financial Blueprint.

What does it mean to build a debt free church? 
The church building itself is not the church; the church is the fellowship. If each member of the congregation was on track to being out of debt or already debt free, what could be accomplished for the Kingdom of God?  The FFSS has the tools and systems to help each family and/or individual become debt free.