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EC Bill Manager™

What is the EC Bill Manager™?

For those of you that would like a guarantee to stay on track to get out of debt by your Financial Freedom Date, we offer the EC Bill Manager™ for a small monthly service charge. If you ever have trouble following the debt pay down schedule from your Blueprint for whatever reason, like life being too hectic, never having the time, procrastination, sitting down to pay your bills just stresses you out, or if you’d just like the convenience of letting some one else pay your monthly fixed debts for you, the EC Bill Manager™ service is available to ensure your success at getting out of debt on your Financial Freedom Date.

The EC Bill Manager™ service ensures that payments reach your creditors on time, in the right amount each month. When enrolled in this program, you grant us permission to send paper drafts from your fixed-bills account to your creditors on a monthly basis using the pay down schedule from your Blueprint.



You receive a monthly statement listing your payments and balances. Plus you have the flexibility to adjust or suspend any payment as necessary at any time prior to the mailing date. This service comes with the “NO Excuses” Guarantee to keep you on track to becoming debt free.

It doesn’t get any easy than that! No body else offers this service with their get-out-of-debt seminars! Even if you don’t usually have trouble paying on time, the service is such a convenience, and it completely eliminates the risk of a late or missed payment. The system works even if your on vacation, out of town, or the bill gets lost under the couch when the dog knocks it off the coffee table wagging his tail. We call it the no effort way to success. Wouldn’t it be terrific if you went to the gym, had somebody else do all the exercise and you lost the weight and built up the muscle tone? The EC Bill Manager™ works just like that; we do the work, you get successfully out of debt. It is truly the definition of effortless success.